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How Can Internal Links Help Your SEO Ranking?

Some of you may know what a link is and others may not. For those who are wondering what the heck I’m talking about…

A link (short form for hyperlink) is a website item that allows you to jump to a new location when you click or tap it. You can find links on almost every web page you go to; a great example of a link is the navigation menu items you use on a website. But links don’t just need to be attached to only text, they can also be added to images or other HTML elements.

There are several types of internal links. There are links on your homepage, in your menu (navigation bar), within a post feed, and many more. But you can also add links within your content.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, how can this help out your SEO rankings?

It’s great getting visitors to your home page, but I’m sure we are all trying to connect with our visitors so that they spend more time on our website. Personally, I want them to read more of my content or look into the services I provide, and read my blog. :)

When we add internal links to our website, it helps redirect your visitors to other pages on your website. By doing this, we are getting users to spend more time on our website, which then helps improve our SEO. Dwell time, average time on page, and bounce rate are all important factors that affect your small business SEO.

In another post (How Easy is Your Site to Navigate?) we talked about making your site easy to navigate to avoid making potential customers frustrated. Internal links help make your website structure more organized and easier for your users to navigate. They also make it easier for search engine crawlers to understand your content and establish links between it (which again helps with your SEO ranking).

Links that are within your content are called contextual links. These links point our users to interesting and related content on our website. They allow search engines to find out what content on your site is related which helps determine the value of that content. The more links an important page receives, the more important it will seem to search engines. This is why good internal links are so crucial to your SEO.

Google follows links to discover content on websites and to rank this content in the search results. If a post or page gets a lot of links this is a signal to Google that it’s an important or high-value article.

If you take care of your own website editing, internal linking is something you control. With the right internal links, you’ll guide your visitors and Google to your most important pages. But if you need help with setting up internal links on your site, or any other website help – let’s chat. We would love to hear from you This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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