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Do You Want to Keep Visitors Coming Back for More?

You CAN - When You Create a User Experience with Modern Design on Your Website!

The internet is a powerful tool for businesses to reach new customers. However, if your website looks outdated or unprofessional, you are missing out on a lot of business opportunities. Don't let this happen to you! Our team at Prairie Orchid Media has been providing modern web design solutions to our clients for over 12 years.

Modern web design is a creative process that requires much more than simply following trends. A modern website design is not only beautiful, but it's also functional and user-friendly. In this post we'll discuss how utilizing modern design techniques will not only drive traffic to your website, but also keep visitors coming back for more.

The way that you design your website can have a huge impact on how often people come back and what they're interested in. With the right user experience, users will be more likely to return for another visit as well as recommend it their friends via social media - increasing visibility!

Keep Your Website Design Simple

One of the most important aspects of a modern website is simplicity. Ever since the internet was created, there has been a growing debate about how simple or complex it should be. Some people think that if you make something too simple, then it's not as useful. But in a modern world, simplicity is key. We do not have time to read long articles or big blocks of text.

Too many bells and whistles can actually drive traffic away, so it's important to keep your design clean and easy to navigate. A clean, clutter-free design is the best method to attract customers, things don't have to be complicated. There are many different ways you can keep your website clean and easy to navigate. Keep it simple and keep people focused on the page's content.

If you want to keep your customers coming back for more, the design of your website should be fun and engaging.

Make Use of White Space

You've probably heard the saying, "less is more." Well, that's true for the pages of your website too! Another key aspect of modern website design is using white space effectively. A good way to use white space effectively is to put it in unexpected places.

Don't clutter your pages with too much text or graphics, or people will be overwhelmed and leave your website.

Focus on the Important Elements

Make sure that the most important elements of your website are front and center. The first thing that you should always do when building a website is making sure you're not missing any important elements. This will help viewers have the best experience on your site.

According to a study by Google, people respond better when they can see what you're selling within 4 seconds. If you want to make a sale, you need to be seen. If people can't find your products or services in just seconds, then they'll move onto something else. So make sure that your visitors are able to see what you're selling or promoting within seconds of landing on your pages.

ColorsUse Colors Strategically

Colors play a very important role in modern website design. In web design, the use of color can be a double-edged sword. The right colors draw people in and help them navigate easily while the wrong ones confuse visitors and make it hard to find your content. If you use the wrong colors, or too many colors, your visitors will get confused and leave before they see what you have to offer them.

Use Graphics Effectively

Graphics are not just for designers. They're also a great way of adding interest to your website without overwhelming it with text. After all, the point of using graphics is that they can stand on their own even if there's no text at all! Graphics are a great way of adding interest to your website without being overwhelming.

Use graphics carefully though; sometimes less is more when it comes to modern design techniques! Graphics that are too distracting can actually be a turnoff, but when they're used correctly as accents, they can really add to the design of your website.

Use Typography to Create a Visually Appealing Layout

A great way to keep people engaged with your website is by using typography to create a visually appealing layout. This can be done by pairing complementary Typographytypefaces together, or adding interesting textures and effects to text. The use of proper typefaces, font sizes, and spacing can make or break a website.

It's important to take some time to experiment with different fonts and see what looks best for your layout. For example, larger type can work well as a heading and smaller lettering may be better suited for an abstract poem.

Regularly Add New and Interesting Content

This may seem like a no-brainer, but you wouldn't believe the number of people that create a website, put it on the internet, never update it, and then forget about it until they receive a bill from their web hosting company.

Don't you wish that updating your own website was as easy as eating a pie?  Well it can be with the use of a good CMS site . ;) But in all seriousness, updating your website with new content may seem like a chore, but there is no better way add value. Adding content on a regular basis will not only keep people coming back but it will also make your website more visible to search engines which will drive new traffic as well.

Do You Need to Re-Evaluate Your Website?

If you’re looking to create a user experience that keeps your visitors coming back for more, it might be time to re-evaluate the design of your website. Modern web design has changed drastically over the last 10 years and with all these new techniques at our disposal, we should use them strategically to make sure every visitor feels like they are in control while browsing through your site. Let us help you understand how to use these modern design principles in order to build an attractive website with simple navigation, which can also function as a platform for conversion generation by implementing persuasive copywriting techniques. We are ready and waiting to partner with you on this project so call or email us today!

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