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44% of website visitors will leave a company’s website if there’s no contact information or phone number. With false websites (hoax, phishing, etc…) increasing online, users are becoming more cautious when browsing the web.


Most users are looking to see if your website is genuine and having contact details on your website is a way to show you are legit. If you don’t include contact details, users may wonder if you are hiding something. And we all know that potential clients will not go ahead with a company if they don’t feel they can trust them.

So it’s very important to put your phone number, email address, physical address, business hours, etc., in a very obvious spot; good spots are in the header, footer, or on a contact page in the main navigation. If your website visitors want to call you, place an order, or request more information, it’s critical they can find current contact information.

Trivia time for all my friends out there – what is the difference between http: and https: in your web address? Post your guess below, I look forward to seeing your responses. Or if you don't know, let's chat so I can help you understand.

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